The name GorbyX™ was coined from the initials of the five colors: Green, Orange, Red, Brown, Yellow representing the five food groups that translated into a unique five suited card pack. The X represents the multiplicity of card games that can be played with the GorbyX™ card pack.

The main objective of the GorbyX™ Games is to offer entertainment, competition through education and positive reinforcement of healthy eating habits to achieve sustainable eating behavior modification for better health and longevity. The games are designed to be the support system of a Cyber Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT), 24/7, 365 days a year, educating and reinforcing the universally recognized, we call it, "Rational Eating Habit". It is also in harmony with the spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The game's design structure offers the flexibility to develop many types of games for children and adults.

Card Games: GorbyX Bridge™, GorbyX Poker™, Heart Attack Poker™, GorbyX Poker Diet™, GorbyX Rummy™, GorbyX a la carte™, and GorbyX21™. The games are played with the GorbyX™ Card pack, 5 full suits (5 x 13) plus 4 wild cards, and designed to teach the principles of rational eating habits. Categorically the games can be best described as "Trump Suit Card Games". They employ the universal characteristics of suit ranking G O R B Y, where the green suit trumps all other suits. Another important feature is that if two or more hands are equal the hand with fewer suits trumps the other hands. The games rely on the premise that all five food groups play an important role in healthy food consumption, rational eating. .

The suit ranking G O R B Y puts more emphasis on the importance of vegetable and fruit in the diet. Color green trumps all other suits. Orange trumps red, brown and yellow. Red trumps brown and yellow. Brown trumps yellow, Through object and pattern recognition, and frequent game playing, the games will help reprogram the brain in order to change eating habits and achieve behavior intervention.

We selected the most popular card games, ie. Poker, Blackjack and Rummy, adapting them for play with the GorbyX™ Card pack.

GorbyX Poker Diet™ If you find the "rational eating habit" irrational, but you are a great fan of popular weight-loss programs such as Atkins, South Beach, Zone or others, that deprives you of a certain food group, you can remove the corresponding suit from the card pack and play the games with 4 suits only. The suit ranking G O R B Y should remain constant even if you remove the green suit. As the expression goes out of site, out of reach and not in your stomach. This feature allows you to play your favorite poker game of Draw, Stud, Texas Hold ’em. If you are still not satisfied you can make up your own games.


We are changing the games from Metabo to GorbyX.

Sorry for the inconsistency.

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Play GorbyX21!
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